Singer songwriters: James Bar Bowen, Johnny Campbell, Shireen

James_Bar_Bowen_Shireen_Johnny_Campbell_Euro_tour_NLThursday June 4th 2015, Singer songwriters: James Bar Bowen, Johnny Campbell, Shireen. Volkseten Vegazulu, people’s kitchen at 7pm, then live music directly after the food, between, 8:30 and 10pm. Donations welcome.

Shireen (NL). “I made up the name ‘Crisis Folk’ to give a name to the type of songs that I like to sing. Many crises manifest themselves in the traditional folk-songs that I like to borrow, like excessive drinking, poverty and violence.
Alongside these songs, I sing about other, more contemporary crises. About Europe becoming more and more like a fortress with the ever increasing border controls and violent repression of the ‘sans-papiers’ and ‘no border’ activists. Or the damage that is done to ecosystems in search of profit. Of course these are love songs too. As you cannot fight without loving.
Lately I have been playing my music on the streets of many different countries on my slow travels back to Europe from South East Asia, making up a few new songs on the way.”

James Bar Bowen (UK), radical acoustic folk-punk singer songwriter, guitarist and story-teller, to make you laugh, cry and rage. His songs and performance are original, relevant, sarcastic, political, optimistic, poetic, multilingual and sometimes even beautiful.

Johnny Campbell (UK), a fast, ruthless, uncompromising sound which lends it’s influences from far and wide. The material will embrace traditional music and sometimes frantic Bluegrass style picking with self penned songs of protest and debauchery.