Spacial Abundance: Imaginaries of Post-Industrial Catalunya

From Thursday 28 November to Thursday 12 December 2019, exhibition on the walls of Joe’s Garage. Spacial Abundance: Imaginaries of Post-Industrial Catalunya

The work is a manifestation of the tension between the imaginary forms and functions of the vast space of Calafou, once an industrial colony and thread mill, now a post-capitalist, eco-industrial colony. The abundant volume of space rendered unusable by time and nature is something that captures the wandering body and mind upon entering the area, also known as the Zona Zero. The vast abundance of histories and possibilities feel invisible when one gets used to it, but never goes away.

Opening on thursday 28 november with a benefit dinner at 19:00 for Calafou


Striving for Autonomy! the Barricade 3rd anniversary

A promising event organized by The Barricade taking place at ACU, Voorstraat 71 in Utrecht on Sunday 1st December. The Barricade is a “volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism“, hosting a weekly sunday event at ACU.

The Barricade will be celebrating 3 years anniversary, Striving for Autonomy! and has already announced a full day of events, from vegan brunch to music, exhibition, a book presentation “The Barricade ABC” and various workshops, discussions such as “Reflection Tables on People’s Kitchens and Political Struggle”, “DIY: A collective toolbox against the supermarkets”, “Social Centers as basis for Counter-power”.

Reflection Tables on People’s Kitchens and Political Struggle

A big part of what we’ve been doing for the past years, is hosting the anti-food waste dinner on Sunday evening. For us, providing people with a meal made from trash for free or donation is a political statement to address the problem of food waste and the importance of collective cooking and eating. We are not the only ones doing this, there are a lot of VoKus around in the Netherlands who organise meals or events out of the same political principles. We would therefore like to host reflection tables in the afternoon during Barriversary, to share experiences and start a reflection about the importance of food and collective cooking/eating. […Lees verder]