Burendag on the Steve Bikoplein

Saturday 26 september 2020, Burendag on the Steve Bikoplein. Info table, give away shop, drinks and warm food! From 14:00 untill 20:00.

Join us on the square for some drinks or food. We’ll serve Zapatista coffee, kefir, warm borscht and apple cake. Check out the banners and info table, get some update about what’s happening at Joe’s Garage and around in the hood, grab some flyers or some political magazines in Greek, Spanish, English or Dutch. The give away shop is also joining the square, get some books, clothes, bring what you don’t need, your old crowbars and (tomato) seeds for the spring uprising. Meet the community and check out what’s happening in the Transvaal neighborhood. The square is big enough to keep distances from each-others.

Demonstration for the Valreep: October 19th, 14:00

Valreep Legaal demonstration, October 19th 2013

Saturday October 19th, Joe’s Garage will be closed. No give away shop that day. Everybody at the demonstration for the Valreep squat. Dance-demo through Amsterdam city for preservation of social political centre Op de Valreep and for a free and social (underground) Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor – Demonstratie voor De Valreep (& A’dam underground)

Aanstaande zaterdag dansen wij dwars door Amsterdam voor het behoud van vrijplaats De Valreep. De underground laat van zich horen met mobiel geluid van onder meer Damoclash, Nimatek, de ADM, de DAF (Ruigoord), de Infaders en Bajesdorp. […Lees verder]

Lawaai Launch Party and Benefit

Friday May 24th 2013: Lawaai Launch Party and Benefit, 19:00 food

The ebb, flow and crises of the capitalist economy, the rise and fall of great empires, the episodic appearance of Halley’s Comet…Great events that come to pass only on serious intervals. Such an event is the publishing of that illustrious magazine: Lawaai! The first issue came out in 2007, after which things became unsettlingly quiet. But no longer do we wait! Number two is here.
Come and celebrate, hang out or criticise the fuck out of us at Joe’s
Garage on the evening of Friday the 24th of May. […Lees verder]

Freetown Bajesdorp, Unplugged Living Room Festival, May 12th 2012

Bajesdorp Festival Poster

On May 12th, a saturday, we gather again, like we’re used to do it once in while. Remember Thuis in Bajesdorp? Tons of quality live acts, uncomplicated friendly and diverse audience, florishing talents taking over the place for your pleasure (and theirs!), all in an awsome non-commercial and non-subsidized event..

But this time, we also do it to celebrate our emancipated freestate, declared on that very same day, namely Freetown Bajesdorp! It sounds funny like that – and it is – but also have some less funny reasons to do this. They’ll be exposed soon in our declaration of independance. At this occasion, just join on what could be the first time in history that an “Independance” is both being declared AND already being commemorated at the same time! […Lees verder]

BajesDoc, Reclaim the Screens

Amsterdam Oost presents BajesDoc, Reclaim the Screens. A free alternative documentary festival, 8-11 December 2011. Documentaries, discussions, drinks and food.

Amsterdam Oost presents BajesDoc, Reclaim the Screens, 8-11 December 2011. Bajesdoc is a free alternative documentary film festival in Bajesdorp and other autonomous locations in Amsterdam Oost, Joe’s Garage and de Valreep. With dozens of inspiring documentaries related to environment, politics, human-rights, and various social struggles here and over the world, discussions/debates with some of the movie makers will sometimes follow the screenings…Bajesdoc is made possible by a group of international volunteers engaged in alternative neighbourhood initiatives. Documentaries will be screened with english subtitles. Discussions will follow. We’ll provide you drinks and food.

Bajesdoc at Joe’s Garage, friday december 9th:
19:00 Voku
20:00 Red Forest Hotel (Mika Koskinen, Finland, 2011, 87′, english subs.)
21:30 Behind the Mask (Shannon Keith, US, 2006, 72′) […Lees verder]

Zaterdag 2 oktober 2010, Joe’s Garage bestaat 5 jaar! in samenwerking met Onkruid Festival

Doors open at 14:00 with the Weggeefwinkel, following by a continuous stream of food, music, and theater until 22:00.
Fresh and delicious tapas served every hour from a different joe’s chef: mexican snacks, apricot and goat cheese puff pastries, irish scones, joe’s finger rolls, spinach borek, chocolate salami dessert, and vegan ice cream and pancakes.

[…Lees verder]

“English week” – info evening on squatting in London

[nl] [English below]
Het Joe’s collectief heeft wat met Engeland. Sommigen komen er vandaan, anderen gaan er binnenkort heen verhuizen, vaak hebben we logees van over het kanaal, kortom, tijd om dat eens goed in de verf te zetten.

[…Lees verder]

Joe’s Garage Cooking Showcase 10 cooks 10 dishes

Sat 26.01.2008 – To celebrate the general love of food and the quality of cooking at VegaZulu, the people’s kitchen of Joe’s Garage, we are presenting a cooking showcase on Saturday, January 26th at 19:00. Ten regular Joe’s cooks will make their favorite dishes, which will then be served one after the other, to those present. Please join us for this event. To reserve a place, email biko19 [at] squat [dot] net […Lees verder]