Cinema of the Dam’d presents: Kung Fu Hustle

kungfuhustleSunday August 9th 2015, Cinema of the Dam’d presents: Kung Fu Hustle. Directed by Stephen Chow, 2004, 98 minutes. Screened in Cantonese with English subtitles. Free admission. Doors- 20h, Short films- 20:30, Feature- 21h

In 1930s Shanghai, wannabe mobster Sing (Stephen Chow) and his dimwitted pal Bone (Lam Chi-chung) impersonate members of the powerful Axe Gang. When they try to bully the poor residents of Pig Sty Alley, they’re scared off by a trio of tenants with secret kung fu powers. Their antics trigger a war between the actual Axe Gang and the underdogs of Pig Sty Alley, as the world’s most fearsome fighters descend on the doomed neighborhood. Stephen Chow’s anarchic action comedy has the visual invention of a Tex Avery cartoon with the unexpected sweetness of a Chaplin silent. Its imaginative use of CGI breaks the laws of physics and plays with the plasticity of the medium, pushing the wonderfully choreographed fight scenes to surreal comedic heights. Packed with sly movie references and inspired performances by Hong Kong chopsocky legends, KUNG FU HUSTLE is a loving, but irreverent tribute to the martial arts genre.

Watch the trailer:

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