Black and White movie night: Saturday night sunday morning (1960)

Saturday_Night_Sunday_MorningSunday December 27th 2015, Black and White movie night: Saturday Night Sunday Morning (1960). Director Karl Weisz. Door opens at 8pm, film begin at 9pm. Free admission.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning is a 1960 British film produced by Tony Richardson. It is an adaptation of the1958 novel of the same name by Alan Sillitoe. Sillitoe wrote the screenplay adaptation and the film was directed by Karel Reisz.

Arthur Seaton is a young machinist at a Nottingham factory. He is determined not to be tied down to living a life of domestic drudgery like the people around him, including his parents, whom he describes as “dead from the neck up”. He spends his wages at weekends on drinking and having a good time.

Arthur is having an affair with Brenda, the wife of an older colleague. He also begins a relationship with Doreen, a single woman closer to his age. When Brenda gets pregnant, Arthur asks his Aunt Ada for advice on aborting the child as abortions in the United Kingdom were not legalised until 1967.

None of Ada’s advice works and Brenda decides that she will keep the child and suffer the consequences. There is a terrifying scene where Brenda’s husband finds out about her pregnancy and affair with Arthur. He enlists the help of his brother and a fellow soldier to chase Arthur down through a town carnival and give him a severe beating. Arthur is trapped on an amusement ride as the two soldiers menacingly stand and wait for him.

Brenda resumes her normal life – taking care of her husband and children while Arthur slowly recovers. After recovering, Arthur returns to work but knows he can never see Brenda (or his soon to be born child) again. The film ends with Arthur and Doreen discussing marriage and the prospect of a new home together.

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