Subtitling workshop

flyer_subtitling_workshop_2Sunday September 25th 2016, Subtitling workshop, from 12:00 till 18:00.

Learn to subtitle your own videos. Or those movies that were never released outside your home country and you would like all your friends to watch. Here are some of the things we’ll look at:

* How many characters per second can a human being comfortably read on a movie screen? Is this the same for a youtube clip watched on a handheld device?
* Is the average reading speed the same for all languages? Can you just use the timecodes from the Dutch subtitles to translate the dialogue into English?
* How do we deal with two actors speaking over one another? Do we really care what that unknown soldier behind the helicopter explosion is screaming about?
* What does “frames per second” mean and why should I care? Which software programmes help? and which don’t?
* Once you have your subtitles ready, how do you go about publishing your videos with them?
* Is subtitling all about technique? What aesthetic and political considerations demand careful attention?

We have answers for some of these questions. Others we will just have to research and discuss together. Bring your own laptop and headphones. If you have specific films you want to work on, bring them too.