Vigil for Peace – PazAlaCalle Holanda

20161030_PAZALACALLE_VIGILIASunday 30th of October 2016, Vigil for Peace.
Simultaneous meeting at 12:00. Amsterdam – Brussels – Havana

In Colombia we’re going through a transcendental time for the peace that could end an armed conflict of 52 years.
Next week thousands of citizens will visit the guerrilla’s camps in Colombia to support the peace deal and defend the ceasefire between guerrilla and government.
The Colombian citizens in The Netherlands and Belgium want to support this initiative. Everybody is welcome to join us and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with us!
At 12:00 (noon) we will have a chat with a guerrilla peace negotiator to discuss about the peace treaty, post-conflict and the role of the citizenship in the peace process.
Bring and share your questions!
At 21:00 we will present the Colombian film “Los Viajes del Viento” (The Wind Journeys)
Hope to see you there!