Benefit for Antifascist Action Kavala (Greece)

ANTIFA DIKH 14 NOE 2016 ENGMonday November 21st 2016, Benefit for Antifascist Action Kavala (Greece). Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Show with Ronley Teper (guitar and voice), Pit Hermans (cymbala and percussion) and Tim Postage (banjo). Music from 9pm till 10pm.

The so-called Imia crisis, which took place in 1996, served the fascist para-state that for years has been exploiting this particular incident, setting up celebrations of hate. Since 2011 the Patriotic Movement of Kavala, similar to the nazist gang of the Golden Dawn, organizes annually a nationwide call to the town. A failed fascist fest, which deflates year by year, like the ‘famous’ national sentiment of the fascists.
One day before the fascist gathering on 26/01/2014 and after a clash had taken place between fascists and a group of people, the contemporary nazi-collaborators of Kavala broke the store-front of the store that belongs to a comrade of ours, targeted for his antifascist action and they then attempted to set fire in its interior, thereby endangering the lives of the building’s occupants.
Our comrade is compelled to get to the local police department, as arson attempt is a prosecutable ex-officio criminal offense (therefore some formalities were required by him) and after a 3-hour wait, he finds out he is arrested because members of the patriotic movement had filed a lawsuit against him.
With one comrade already held in custody for two days after the ridiculous lawsuit against him by members of the patriotic movement, in the afternoon of Monday 27 January 2014, the second comrade (who is the brother of the first) -also targeted for his antifascist action- is informed that a lawsuit is pending against him as well by the same coward fascists, and he appears voluntarily at the police department of Kavala. Cops and fascists cooked up the case, resulting in our comrades being charged with criminal organization (gang), breach of the public peace (hood law), incitement to cause grievous bodily harm, aggravated damages, carrying and use of weapons, explosion and possession of explosive bombs.
On Friday, 31/01/2014, after appearing before an investigating judge and a prosecutor, our two comrades were released on the following bail conditions: they are banned from leaving the country, they have to appear at the local police department each month and were obliged to pay a financial guarantee. The first trial, which was set for the 10/06/2015, was postponed due to the absence of their defending lawyers, while the next ones were postponed due to the nationwide lawyers’ strike.
Since the first trial the fascists have been provoking with their behaviour; they have been threatening people and writing disgusting nationalist and nazi slogans (referring by name to our persecuted comrades) throughout the town, as well as in the area where our comrades reside. Right here we need to stress that all this time no fascist has been called for an investigation or has been prosecuted for the destruction and the arson attempt of the store of our persecuted comrade. Could it be that the case has been “forgotten” and filed? If this is not a cover-up and a cooperation with the law enforcement and repressive authorities, then what is!
But the town’s neo-nazis didn’t stop there. They have tried to set up a scene of hate and violence, targeting and beating underage students, while last May they smashed the car of a female antifascist and defense witness at our comrades’ trial, thereby clearly showing their cowardly intentions. The next day the same invertebrates beat a female antifascist in the area of the town’s port (a central spot and crowded at that time of the year) and while the one of the two nazis was fleeing, he took out a gun and shot in the air, threatening the antifascists who were on the spot. Of course, no-one has bothered them and no action has been taken against them. On the other hand, the one of the two targeted comrades is expecting yet another fake lawsuit against him by these fascists. More recently, through a security company, some of them took part in attacks against striking workers of the Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry; moreover, through a committee of indignant citizens they created, they tried to provoke pogroms and reactions -with the blessings of the city council- against the refugees “hosted” in Kavala. Naturally, during all these incidents, the cops remain plain observers, attempting to equate the two “extremes” in order to appear productive to the society.
The continuous open anti-fascist action and our comrades’ presence in the town has led to the isolation of those feeling nostalgic for the military junta. It is no coincidence that Patriotic movements, L.E.P.E.N. members (new fascist Greek party), Golden Dawners, Roupakiases (Roupakias is the nazi murderer of Pavlos Fyssas) and non-aligned nationalists (AME), in their effort to “regenerate” through their ashes, operate together as a team under the new name of the Popular Movement of Kavala Citizens – PHOENIX.
We do not want any more of those that miss junta and nazism. Fascists get back to your holes.

Autonomous Collective of Kavala
Vironos 3 Squat

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchen, every monday and thursday, 7pm, vegan food for 4€ or donation. All benefits go for social & political struggles. No reservation. From September, the people’s kitchen is also open on thursday.

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