Ducktators (1997)

7 May 2008 – 20:00 – Ducktators by Wolter Braamshorst and Guus van Waveren, 1997

Made in the Netherlands in 1997 by Wolter Braamshorst and Guus van Waveren, this fascinating documentary explores war and propoganda cartoons from the Second World War which were made by Warner Brothers and Walt Disney and satirise dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.
Alongside real footage of the attack on Pearl Harbour, it also features Donald Duck, Daffy Duck and Private Snafu (created by Dr Suess and an acronym of ‘Situation Normal: All Fucked Up’) in seemingly innocent cartoons with a strong propaganda message. Many of the cartoons couldn’t be shown today because of the fun poked at Germany and Japan. It also includes interviews with Chuck Jones and the wife and son of Bob Clampett.

+ some example cartoons!!!!

Door opens 20:00, film starts 20:30.