“HyperCoup. Rise of the Troll Nation”. Movie screening and discussion

“HyperCoup. Rise of the Troll Nation”
A dystopian sci-fi horror action documentary based on a real story.
70 minutes. 2017. Language: English, some parts Turkish; English subtitles

Movie screening on Friday 16 June 2017. Doors open at 7pm with food. Film starts at 8:30pm followed by a Q&A/discussion with the producers.

HyperCoup: Rise of the Troll Nation

What would you do if you could troll the entire world, while you get shit tons of money and an army at your disposal? What would you think if someone already did it? How could that be possible?

How has Turkey replaced the modern leviathan of state with a hypernormal troll state? How did in July 2016 a living dead army of trolls come to take over the streets of Turkey within their self-perpetuating panmedia environment? How was this troll army controlled by the government using a hypercentralized communication network? How did the Turkish state (which was portrayed as ‘moderate’ just a few years ago) come to dominate social media (which was portrayed as the ultimate liberatory medium just around the same years) and how deep does this go? How to make a coup and get away with it as if you fought and won against a “coup attempt”? How to conduct a political genocide while everyone is watching and still get to call yourself democratic? How did Turkey lead the way by example into the post-truth-trump world? How to survive the coming shitstorm?
… and hopefully much more with your participation in the virtual live interview with persons from the internet.

What the fuck is going on in Turkey?!

Looking for an overview of the situation and a critical media perspective, we asked this question last autumn.
We wanted to know what had happened since the so called military coup attempt. Soon it became clear that talking about this spectacle on July 15th 2016 only made sense in the bigger picture of Turkey’s political and social development within the last years; a development that we can now call the rise of the troll-nation state.
Starting from this point, our fellow ‘HyperNormalisation’-influenced media activists and cyborgs started retracing the story of the troll nation with the help of their own memories, experience and their best friend and external brain: the internet.

If you dare to know, what you will get is an explosion of footage, piecing together hundreds and thousands of documents and media particles which seem more or less random at first – but in their compilation and coming with a connecting story-telling, they outline the official state narrative with it’s overflow of media use and manipulation; as well as presenting many silenced voices, censored reports and the stories disrupting the official perception management.

Warning: some scenes are extremely disturbing and we assure you all of that really happened (it’s actually getting worse out there).