Rosa Luxemburg (1986)

Sunday 17 June 2018, Movie night: Rosa Luxemburg (1986). Die Geduld der Rosa Luxemburg, by Margarethe von Trotta. German with English subtitles | 123 min.
Doors 20:00 | Film 20:30

“Freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently.”

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919): german-polish socialist, docorate in a time when women couldn’t graduate on German universities, speaker of the Left in the Labour Partry 20 before women in Germany gained the right to vote, co-founder of the Spartakus group, icon of the student movement in Germany. Margarethe von Trotta’s film “The patience of Rosa Luxemburg” tells her story, but als paints a clear picture of the economic and social situation in Germany before the First World War.

Von Trotta didn’t work to on the basis of the ledgend. She didn’t deal with the different views of her, didn’t explain anything, didn’t justify anything. She lets Rosa Luxemburg speak for herself. The basis of the scenes and dialogues in the film are mainly the 2500 letters Luxemburg send to friends and comrades. The film only shows what can be documented in such a way – the film is radical and subjective because it is only commit to one truth: the truth of Rosa Luxemburg herself.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net