Dan Kemp and Ash Ludd

Thursday April 18th 2019, Volkseten Vegazulu from 19:00, then around 20:30, music on the stage with Dan Kemp & Ash Ludd, folk punk from Bristol. Free entrance, donations welcome.

Ash Ludd https://ashludd.bandcamp.com/
Dan Kemp https://dankemp.bandcamp.com/

Squatting being criminalized, rare are the squatted spaces left to hold concerts, benefit events or soup kitchens. Joe’s Garage as a squatted social center, is supporting bands, performers, activists, fellow squatters who understand the urgency to support each others, to strengthen our networks. In other words, start networking on something else than facebook, instagram, twitter, spotify and youtube. So rare are the bands these days making the effort to have a decent website, to the point we, at Joe’s Garage, are less and less interested to make space for such bands.

Do you want to perform on the stage, play a concert at Joe’s Garage? Get in touch, we are curious to read on your website, not on corporate facebook, where you’ve been playing in the past, where you’re heading to.