Benefit for Devrimci Otonomlar, revolutionary autonomes in Turkey

Thursday June 27th 2019, Benefit for Devrimci Otonomlar, revolutionary autonomes in Turkey. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

“We are a organization that wants to build an anarchist line of struggle in the region against the rising fascist reflexes and policies of the current state in Turkey. We support the idea of setting up local autonomous groups that will expand neighbourhood by neighbourhood in the city we are struggling to organise a continuous practice for our goal.
And our starting area is the stronghold of political islam, the Fatih district. Two days before we wrote this text, racist attacks against Armenians start again with the saying this is just the beginning. The bullying and inhumane approach against the immigrants in the neighbourhood is rising by the day and because the society and even the political trend of the opposition parties is leaning towards a point of anti-immigrants, this situation is taking the form of hate and eventually violence.
Be sure comrades that this is just a small part of whats happening.
To embody our policy against the state and to start a determined struggle we want to open a cultural centre in Fatih.
We think that this cultural centre will decrease the tensions in the society and become a place for our immigrant friends to breath by taking continue steps to solve the problems we mentioned.
Together with current political problems, we want to gain anti-authoritarian experience that will feed our political work with activities such as free education, music, theatre, dance workshops and reading groups.
And on this path with the obligation and lack of Revolutionary Solidarity, we want our comrades who are far away but in fact we are shoulder to shoulder with, to walk with us together.”

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