Black and White Night: One, two, three (Billy Wilder, 1961)

Sunday 28 november 2021, Black and White Night: One, two, three (Billy Wilder, 1961). Free admission. Doors open at 20:00, film starts at 20:30

C.R. “Mac” MacNamara is a high-ranking executive in the Coca Cola Company , assigned to West Berlin after a business fiasco a few years earlier in the Middle East (about which he is still bitter). While based in West Germany for now, Mac is angling to become head of Western European Coca-Cola Operations, based in London. After working on an arrangement to introduce Coke into the Soviet Union, Mac receives a call from his boss, W.P. Hazeltine, at Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta. Scarlett Hazeltine, the boss’s hot-blooded but slightly dim 17-year-old socialite daughter, is coming to West Berlin. Mac is assigned the unenviable task of taking care of this young whirlwind.
An expected two-week stay develops into two months, and Mac discovers just why Scarlett is so enamored of West Berlin: she surprises him by announcing that she’s married to Otto Piffl, a young East German Communist with ardent anti-capitalistic views. When the Southern belle is confronted about her foolishness in the matter of helping him blow up anti-American “Yankee Go Home” balloons (how the couple met) she simply replies with, “Why, that ain’t anti American, it’s anti-Yankee… And where I come from, everybody’s against the Yankees …”

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