Benefit Voku for the ‘Vrijland Makelaar’ campaign

Ma. 18 april 2011: Benefit Voku for the ‘Vrijland Makelaar’ campaign. 19uur, vegan food, no reservations, donations welcome.
In Mei 2011 the new makelaar (real estate agent) Vrijland will be launched. With the catchy slogan ‘Gratis wonen ook voor U’(Free housing for you too) Underneath the slick exterior lies another story….
We have been working on gathering different stories about empty houses in Amsterdam, from criminal speculation, to ridiculous rents to the ubiquitous empty office block and so much more. We are building a website to showcase them like a real real estate agents and have worked out a house style that looks very much like a real makelaar. The idea is to use this as a communications campaign about what is wrong when you let property get before people and as a means to reopen the debate on squatting and the ills of anti-kraak grass roots style. Alongside postering and daring climbing actions our makelaar wants to set up shop on busy market streets, make people laugh and maybe learn a little from them too.
We need a to raise money for posters and billboards. Please come along and eat delicious food in a wonderful atmosphere and support us by filling your stomach and your spirit @ Joe’s Garage. Gourmet menu guaranteed!