Voku for Sudan’s Emergency Response Rooms

Thursday 7 March 2024, Voku for Sudan’s Emergency Response Rooms. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Come along for some delicious food and to support the Sudan Solidarity Collective and the Emergency Response Rooms in Sudan.
Sudan’s neighbourhood resistance committees have been on the frontline of mutual aid, self-organised emergency care, and horizontal community-organising for years whilst war has waged throughout the country. In 2023, the RSF, which formed out of militias that perpetrated the genocide in Darfur, have broken out into civil war against the Armed Forces. The fighting between these two former allies, who together perpetrated ethnic cleansing and mass murder in Darfur, has brought another catastrophic episode of violence to the Sudanese people.
In this devastating context, resistance committees have sprung up from Sudanese people from all walks of life who reject the ripplingly violent power games destroying their communities and instead push to support each other through organised solidarity work. These ‘committees’ are not new — they have been doing this work since the anti-government demonstrations in 2013. Through several periods of unrest and conflict since their formation, they have developed wide community support networks which organise responses to the food, water & shelter shortages, as well as organising civil resistance to the warring factions which hold Sudan in their grip. The Emergency Response Rooms (ERRs) have grown out of these committees and the anti-authoritarian networks which they built, carrying on their practice of self-organised mutual aid and neighbourhood support.
The money raised from this voku will be donated to the Sudan Solidarity Collective — a Toronto-based collective which provides international support for the ERRs and for the self-organised anti-authoritarian movement in Sudan.

See the Sudan Solidarity Collective’s website here: https://sudansolidarity.com/
Read more about Khartoum State’s ERR here: https://khartoumerr.org/
More reading about the ERRs: https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news-feature/2023/08/02/how-mutual-aid-networks-are-powering-sudans-humanitarian-response

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