Indian elections – holding space for reflections

Tuesday, June 4, 2024, Indian elections – holding space for reflections, from 17:00 to 19:00

Results of national parliamentary elections are being announced in India today. This is a crucial election for Indian “democracy” as democratic institutions stand heavily eroded, and the right-wing fascist party threatens to wipe out all space for opposition – political, social and ideological. On one hand, mainstream international and Indian media have been shamelessly announcing the win of the hate-mongerer and Hindu nationalist leader, and celebrating the boost this will give to financial markets. On the other hand, India’s civil society has worked tirelessly to expose the violence being inflicted on marginalised communities, the neo-colonial state policies looting India’s people, and tilt political discourse away from religious divide toward celebrating the many syncretic cultures of the region.

As the counting of votes ensues, other indias will hold space for the community to convene, pay respect to the work done by grassroots and diasporic groups, and reflect on the work still to be done to build progressive politics in India.

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