Solivoku for juridical support people in foreign detention, 23rd of April

Monday 23th of April, 7pm. Infonight about the foreign detention situation in the Netherlands. Benefits will be used for the Arrest Group as well as for a modest token of thanks for the foreign detention lawyers at the Bohler office (Mrs Ullersma & colleagues). These pro-deo (voluntary) lawyers devote their career to defending those subjected to the human rights violating laws against illegal foreigners.

During food there will be a very short info talk about foreign detention in Holland, and after we will be showing a short docu by Amnesty on the subject. There will be a donation box present, and we will use the donations to support the Arrest Group’s amazing work, as well as buy a modest present as a token of appreciation for the Bohler advocates from those activists they defended in the past and/or will have to defend in the future. (Mrs. Ullersma went out of her way helping the activists who were put in foreign detention after the Scheinheilig demo in july last year, eventually leading to the Raad van State finally judging in favour of the activists in Januari).
So come and have a good time at Joes, inform yourself, and support a good cause all at the same time!