Freetown Bajesdorp, Unplugged Living Room Festival, May 12th 2012

Bajesdorp Festival Poster

On May 12th, a saturday, we gather again, like we’re used to do it once in while. Remember Thuis in Bajesdorp? Tons of quality live acts, uncomplicated friendly and diverse audience, florishing talents taking over the place for your pleasure (and theirs!), all in an awsome non-commercial and non-subsidized event..

But this time, we also do it to celebrate our emancipated freestate, declared on that very same day, namely Freetown Bajesdorp! It sounds funny like that – and it is – but also have some less funny reasons to do this. They’ll be exposed soon in our declaration of independance. At this occasion, just join on what could be the first time in history that an “Independance” is both being declared AND already being commemorated at the same time!

The line-up is coming soon, stay plugged!

Long Live Bajesdorp!
and folk your mother!
From early afternoon till 22pm.