Infonight Zapatista indigenous communities in Chiapas

Sunday November 25th 2012, Infonight Zapatista indigenous communities in Chiapas. Opening time: 19:00 with food. Infonight & film: 20:00, no reservation

After the fraudulent national elections of July 2012 and the reestablishment of PRI in the governance of Mexico, dignity and autonomy have been severely struck. Among the sufferers, many Zapatista communities in Chiapas and their supporters, the majority of which are indigenous people, have being experiencing threats, assaults, displacements, and any form of violence from the federal Mexican state’s authorities, mostly under the guise of various paramilitary groups. As a result, the communities Comandante Abel, Unión Hidalgo, Guadalupe los Altos, San Marcos Avilés, Moisés Gandhi, and Jechvó, as well as the political prisoner, Francisco Sántiz López, have been the victims of these cruel acts of repression. In an attempt to mobilize civil society many Zapatista supporters have been attempting to carry the message of the compañer@s Zapatistas around the world. We, as such, would like to carry on with this mission and share with more people our experiences from the heart of resistance, speaking out loud the Zapatistas’ message. After our short presentation, the projection of a 14 min video message by the Zapatista support bases of San Marcos Avilés will follow.

What the bad government calls mere interpersonal conflicts, we call it a well-organized plan aiming at repressing dignity and resistance, in Mexico and everywhere.

Frijoles Chiapanec@s

Worldwide Echo in support of the Zapatistas website
International Call for Solidarity with Zapatista Support Bases of San Marcos Aviles.