December 2010, Joe’s Garage complete program

Joe’s Garage is open 6 days a week (closed on friday). We always need more volunteers to run the social center. Drop us an email or come along with your ideas.

Zondag 5 december, 20.00: Surprisefilm, met oliebollen!!

Maandag 6 december, 19:00: Politically Incorrect cooking, PUSCII benefit voku
PUSCII originated as a Free Internet Workplace(aka hacklab) in the late 90’s to provide and share information and access to the internet freely. In the days where internet access has become more or less common ground they’ve shifted their attention to provide important services on the Internet. Services like the hosting of websites and blogs, email addresses and mailinglists. The goal here is provide these intendant of peoples income, but funded through donations. But also, to offer these services in a ‘secure’ way. Taking heed to peoples personal privacy, and for this enforcing certain more structures, while trying to keep useability. Something you don’t often see at commercial organisations.

Zondag 12 december, 20.00: Simón del Desierto (Buñuel 1950)
The master of surrealist cinema brings you the brain of Simon, a deeply religious man in the 4th century who wants to be nearer to God. So he climbs a column. The devil wants him to get down on earth an is trying to seduce him. But Simon recognizes him every time. So the devil takes him to a nightclub i n New York. in the 1960s…

Donderdag 16 december, 19.00: Kitchenpunx Benefit Voku for the Invisible Borders exhibition
This benefit that was supposed to take place on November 11th is finally happening. 19:00. No reservation! On the menu (vegan): Mediterranean Soup, Falaffel bar & Hummus, Patat, Salade, Cherry-schoko cake. All profit of the Voku will be donated to the “Invisible Borders” exhibition , which got burned down by Nazis in Zossen in January 2010. On June 21th, the exhibition was reopened at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte in Berlin. The exhibition is currently shown in Cottbus.
– About the exhibition Refugees, while they are either in the asylum process or live in Germany with a so-called ‘Duldung’, are facing invisible borders in their everyday life. For example they are only allowed to move within a certain area due to the ‘Residenzpflicht’ (‘duty of residence’). At the same time they are forced to live in refugee homes or camps, that are often at the edge or outside of regular settlement areas. Voucher systems instead of cash benefits, but also police controls in train stations and trains targeting people who look ‘foreign’, stigmatize refugees and intensify their social isolation. Utilising models, plans, texts, photographs and a short film the exhibition ›Residenzpflicht — Invisible Borders‹ documents the resulting geography of multiple inclusion and exclusion, its impact on the perception of space, but also strategies of resistance.
– About the Nazi attack and callout for reconstruction (Jan 2010) At night of 22 january 2010 the „Haus der Demokratie“, run by the citizens’ initiative “Zossen zeigt Gesicht”, in Zossen burned down. Meanwhile the exposition “Residenzpflicht – Invisible Borders”, started-up shortly before in order to be shown there, got totally destroyed. A rightist extremist has confessed his cooperation in the attack.

Zondag 19 december, 20.00: Urban Permaculture Info Evening. Featuring film: ‘The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil’ (Faith Morgan 2006, 53′). With guestspeakers!
We are organizing this very special info evening because it is time we started taking alternatives seriously. There is a lot of hope needed to survive this latest wave of shock style neo-liberal policies that are rolling back year’s worth of struggle and initiative economically, socially and ecologically. Together we can create the support and the reality we need to continue with dignity and give meaning to our lives and the lives of others. Providing food is one of the most fundamental ways to empower ourselves and bring people together. And yes we can do that in cities too. To get the ball rolling we’d like to invite you to enjoy some inspiring tales with us. There will be speakers from Cuba, Australia and our beloved SWOMP in Amsterdam. There will also be luxurious tasty snacks from urban farms, which you can enjoy as you kick back and watch the movie.
Featuring film: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (Faith Morgan 2006, 53′). When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba’s economy went into a tailspin. With imports of oil cut by more than half – and food by 80 percent – people were desperate. This film tells of the hardships and struggles as well as the community and creativity of the Cuban people during this difficult time.
The Power of Community
Freestate SWOMP
Urban Permaculture: An Introduction

Maandag 20 december, 19.00: Benefit voku on urban food production
De industriële landbouw heeft dankzij schaalvergroting, ruilverkaveling, biotechnologie, monoculturen en intensieve veehouderij het traditionele boerenbedrijf bijna om zeep geholpen. Van een agrarische samenleving zijn we in recordtijd omgeschakeld naar een samenleving waar minder dan 5 procent van de bevolking nog kan leven van de landbouw. De gemiddelde mens is steeds verder van de voedselproductie af komen te staan. Meer dan de helft van de wereldbevolking leeft tegenwoordig in steden. Hierdoor gaat veel lokale en traditionele kennis over voedselproductie verloren.
Maandag 20 December zullen we een heerlijke streekmaaltijd maken met lokaal geproduceerde ingrediënten uit Amsterdam en omstreken. Het geld van de benefiet voku willen we gebruiken om een brochure te maken. Daarin zullen we onze plannen uiteenzetten om in Oost een gebouw te verwerven waar we een politiek sociaal centrum willen huisvesten en de grond gaan gebruiken voor stedelijke voedsel productie. We hopen dat het een model wordt voor collectief wonen en socio-economische duurzaamheid in de stad.
Intussen kan u genieten van de versvoko, die zich tijdens deze streekmaaltijd zal voorstellen. Een VersVoko is een van de manieren om de verbinding tussen stad en land te herstellen en voedselproductie weer menselijk te maken. Een *VersVoko* is een groep mensen die samen verse groenten, fruit, brood, en andere seizoensproducten inkopen bij lokale producenten.

Donderdag 23 december, 19.00: International Actions Days benefit voku

Zondag 26 december, 20.00: In the mood for Love (Wong Kar-Wai 2000)
The master of chinese cinema is showing you A man and a woman that move in to neighboring Hong Kong apartments in Hong Kong during the 1960’s. They form a bond when they both suspect their spouses of extra-marital activities. This was called the “consummate unconsummated love story of the new millennium.” See it before you die. See it in joe’s…

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December 2010, Joe's Garage complete program