Joe’s Sundaynight Film – Italian June

This month we show you some wonderfull Italian Classics….. Starting with Mama Roma who will make your heart beat faster and finishing the month with the famous La Strada which, well, see for yourself…. Tears and passion will rip you apart!

June 6th, Mama Roma – Passolini 1962
June 13th, Riso Amaro – de Santis 1942
June 20th, Una Giornata Particulare – Scola 1977
June 27th, La Strada – Fellini 1954

Every sunday night, all films start at 20:00!

Sunday June 6th 2010, Mama Roma – Passolini 1962

The middle-age whore Mamma Roma saves money to retire and buy an apartment in Rome. Finally she’s able to bring her teenage son Ettore to live with her. Ettore proves problematic; he does not want to study or work, joins idle friends and has a crush on a bitch. Meanwhile the past keeps hunting Mama Roma…

Sunday June 13th 2010, Riso Amaro – de Santis 1942

Francesca and Walter are two-bit criminals in Northern Italy. To avoid the police, they join a group of rice workers and meet the voluptuous peasant rice worker, Silvana, and the soon-to-be-discharged soldier, Marco. The four characters become involved in a complex plot involving robbery, love, and murder.

Sunday June 20th 2010, Una Giornata Particulare – Scola 1977

Left alone in her tenement home when her fascist husband runs off to attend the historic meeting between Hitler and Mussolini, Antonietta strikes up a friendship with her homosexual neighbor Gabriele. As the day segues into night the Antonietta and Gabriele develop a very special relationship that will radically alter both of their outlooks on life.

Sunday June 27th 2010, La Strada – Fellini 1954

Gelsomina is sold by her very poor mother to Zampanò, a traveling strongman. She has to help the brutal Zampanò during his shows. On the road (“la strada”) she meets “the fool”, a funambulist. She feels like going with him, but he puts confusion in her mind by pointing out that perhaps Zampanò is in fact in love with her…