February 2011 Joe’s Garage program

Anarchists Against The Wall, Radio Patapoe, Kitchen Punx Benefit, Solivoku for evicted Liebig14, Valentine benefit voku, another busy month at Joe’s Garage. The bloody, blind and/or inspiring white male enters Joe’s cinema. New volunteers are always needed, come along.

– Zo. 6 Film avond, 20.00: Danton (Andrzej Wajda 1983) Probably the best and most dramatic movie about the French Revolution, the mother of alle revolutions. Action begins in November 1793, the start of the clash between popular revolutionairy genius Danton, played by Gerard Depardieu, and his former ally, the goal-oriented, “realistic” Robespierre. Terror follows. Heads roll.

– Ma. 7 Benefit voku for Anarchists Against The Wall / Solidarity Evening for Jonathan Pollack
On Jan 11 2011 Jonathan Pollak began a 3 month sentence at Hermon prison in Northern Israel. The formal charge is Illegal assembly but the real reason he is in prison is that he is uncompromising in resistance to oppression and the state that carries it out. Before being sentenced Pollak declared in court that the only thing he regrets is “[not doing more] to change the unbearable situation of Gaza’s inhabitants, and bring to an end Israel’s control over the Palestinians.” http://www.awalls.org/jonathan_pollak_jailed
Anarchists against the wall http://www.awalls.org/
Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome

2011-02-10 Benefiet voku Radio Patapoe– Do. 10 Benefit voku Radio Patapoe Patapoe is terug in de ether, 88.3 FM stereo. Eindelijk weer eindeloze klankschappen op je radio. Loops die je de nacht door trekken. Met zn allen ouwerwets rond de radio naar een hoorspel luisteren. Vrije radio! Luister of sterf! http://www.freeteam.nl/patapoe/ Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome

– Zo. 13 Film avond, 20.00: Garbage Warrior (Oliver Hodge 2007) Imagine a home that heats itself, that provides its own water, that grows its own food. This documentary film is telling the story of visionary architekt Michael Reynolds and his fight to introduce radical sustainable ways of living in the US. Read Thoreau?

– Ma. 14 Valentine benefit voku, “Bevrijde Stad makelaar; gratis Wonen ook voor u” campaign Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome

– Do. 17 Solivoku for evicted Liebig14 Berlin http://liebig14.blogsport.de/ Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome

– Zo. 20 Film avond, 20.00: Blind Beast (Yasuzo Masumara 1969) A blind sculptor kidnaps a beautiful model, holds her in his perverse studio and forces her to work as a model. Meanwhile she’s psychoanalysing her infantilised oppressor, exploiting his fantasist’s naivety. Then, a strange link forms between her body and her statue… Erotomania; “descent into a non-human abyss”!

– Zo. 27 Film avond, 20.00: Surprise Movie!

Film poster february 2011– Ma. 28 Kitchen Punx Benefit Voku
Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome