Sunday 25 April film: BOMBE SANGUE CAPITALE

(bombs, blood and capital)

italian spoken with english subtitles

Presented by one of the producers
Followed by Q&A and discussion

Sunday april 25. 2010, start 20:00
Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam

entrance: free, donation for travel costs welcome!

An overview and critical analysis of the movement in Italy, which erupted after the piazza Fontana bombings and the police murder of comrade Pinelli, in Milan December 1969. The state’s repression in the following years is known as of the strategy of tension, aimed to slow down and tear apart the momentum of the worker’s movement. This was because the resistance was expressed with a wave of wild strikes (not supported by the unions), which often turned into uncontrollable and unpredictable street riots.

The worker’s wrath, although at times dormant, was not completely repressed ‘til the end of the 70’s. Within a general overview, the opposition parties of the left, including all unions and parts of the extra-parliamentary fractions (Lotta continua, Potere Operaio, etc.) chose the direction of democratic platforms and political participation.

Other groups, however, with complete refusal of the state and democracy, chose more radical forms of struggle, which included critiques on daily life and practice in armed struggle (the famous years of lead). In its core, this film explores an analysis of those years, from radical critique to armed struggle, the emergence of which was a significant and highly contentious debate at the time that is still a very relevant and important topic in today’s methods of struggle.