Safer Place Organisers Meeting


Wednesday June 5th 2013, Safer Place Organisers Meeting, 8pm

The plan is to organize a workshop in Joe’s about Safer Spaces. We would like to invite you to get involved in organizing it, preparing it, and thinking about it. So your ideas can be represented when the (first) workshop takes place on the 9th of July. We envision the workshop to a be a skills sharing workshop, where people can share communication skills and conflict management skills. It will also give the collective a chance to start defining what it is a safe place is. There seems to be a general consensus in Joes that we want a space where people can address power imbalance , personal boundaries, class, sexism, racism, abuse, homophobia, historical exploitation such as colonization and it’s legacy, and misunderstanding when that arises in a safe way. Part of that is establishing safe boundaries and a space for discourse and action by setting guidelines and establishing some consensus on acceptable preventative action and intervention. It can range from how to deal with a drunken fellow who walks in and starts harassing people, a violent scene, to seeing your own friends acting in a derogatory way to someone who is differently abled. it could be that you just want to more ways for people to have a say, that you are tired of hearing the same ones dominate meetings. That you might have some ideas how to manage that . That you have some strategies to share on consensus decision making. Or that you would like to find a good way to say you are in a vulnerable state today and you can’t handle the behavior of another in a way that gives both of you space to be where you are at at the time. Or maybe you are a netiquette expert who wants to empower people more in online communication. We’d love to have your input to formulate the workshop. So join us on Wednesday June the 5th @ 20.00u. Delicious Vegan flat bread and homemade chutney for all! will be available 😀 See you there!