Singer Songwriters

Friday June 21st 2013, Singer Songwriters #1 with Blackbirds & Thrushes and more, from 6pm till 10pm.

First edition. For this session, there will be two singer songwriters on this hot hot Friday Amsterdam evening. We can tell you that Blackbirds & Thrushes will be there, for the the rest is a bit of a surprise.

Singer Songwriters is a monthly evening at Joe’s Garage. There is no entrance fee at the door, there will be a hat going around for donations for the performers. Maybe you get you’ll get some DIY made CD from the performers. Doors open at 6pm. Vegan food will be served, no reservation. Performances are done by 10pm because we love our neighbours. If you want to perform during these Singer Songwriters sessions, please contact joesessions[AT]