‘How did Feminism end up being the big bad F* word’ Discussion

CHANGE OF DATE! We apologize, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, the date of the discussion changed from 9th to 15th of August. Join us on Thursday! 🙂

Thu./Don. August 15th, 2013: Discussion, doors open at 18:30h, event starts at 19:00h

How did feminist end up being the big bad F* word?

  • Due to a mixup between ‘feminist’ and ‘man-hating bra-burning angry Amazon’
  • Due to patriarchy and its dismissal of opposing movements
  • Due to the scarcity of current feminist role models
  • Why does this event matter?
  • All of the above
  • Not sure, but I’d sure like to meet up and discuss this!
  • Whichever your answer may be, join us for a discussion! Let’s get together and try to figure this out! Not just HOW COME it happens, but let’s also figure out whether it even matters if it happens or not.

    It won’t be a lecture – just a discussion! Tea and a cozy atmosphere shall be provided. If you bring a couple of opinions, some curiosity and the desire to talk to complete strangers who may or may not agree with you, we’ll get it going. Friday, from 18:30 till 21:00, in Joe’s Garage.