Benefit for International Conference of social actors in Congo DRC

Thursday May 15th 2014, Benefit for International Conference of social actors in Congo DRC, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

Since 1996 a war torns, rapes and kills people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Several conferences of different political views have been organized without success. A big UN mission said to stabilize the region has been operating over the last ten years while the situation is only getting worse.
Thus, not to be responsible for non-assistance to people in danger facing history, we have seen fit to organize an international conference on social actors with the aim of creating a permanent social body in all of its aspects in order to promote social dynamics at the national level and lobbying at international level.
This conference will bring together the Congolese living in Europe and those living in Congo. We will associate partners of the African, American and European civil society as to benefit from their expertise in the peaceful resolution of problems.

All Included / Afrique-Europe Interact

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