Workshop: baking bread with sourdough

June 14th and 15th, we are going to learn how to make our own bread. Baking is fun and the knowledge about it gives us back some small means of production.

We won’t use any prepared baking mix from the supermarket and no yeast, but solely sourdough. Baking with sourdough is an old form of bread making, dating back more then 2000 years.

With sourdough we may bake whenever we want, and we basically just need additional water, flour and salt, thus ingredients we can easily obtain and that are not too expensive. In addition we also want to distribute sourdough to all participating people. At the end you should not only go home with your own self made bread and some knowledge about making it, but also with a jar of sourdough that will enable you to continuously bake bread at home, your squat or for your Voku.

If you ask yourself what this sourdough is all about, never worry, we are going to get to know it more closely on that weekend. Baking with sourdough needs plenty of time (even though the single steps are not too time intensive), thus we suggest to divide the weekend in three parts:

Sa. 12h-14h
A brief introduction of sourdough and the baking process.
Feeding the sourdough to let it grow so that there will be sufficient for everybody.

Sa. 20h-22h
Take a sourdough clone for yourself.
Mix all ingredients for your bread.
Preparation of your baking forms.

Su. 12h-14h
Baking in Joes kitchen.

In between we will just have to wait for the sour dough to work and grow.

We can use the utilities and facilities available at Joes but it would be nice if you could also bring own stuff if possible. We will try to have everything necessary available for those who can’t. Drop a mail to Joes if you need stuff, so that we can organize it in advance.

The following tools could be handy:

> a metal or clay form for baking your bread (try to bring your own as there are just a few available)
> a bowl (1-2l) for mixing ingredients

Take with you the following ingredients for a big 1 kilo bread:

> about 250g rye flour (roggebloem/roggemeel)
> about 750g flour of your choice, can also be a mix of different types. If you are not sure what to bring, take wheat flour (tarwebloem/tarweemeel)
> ingredients for your bread like nuts, lijnzaad, dry tomatos or whatever you can imagine to put into your bread.
> some salt

More infos about sourdough on wikipedia

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