ATTENTION: 15 days major European operation controls against “illegal” migration.

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The Council of the European Union is organizing from 13 to October 26, 2014 a major joint operation with the Schengen Member States, Europol and Frontex, called “Mos maiorum”.

All possible migration routes in Europe will be checked in all Schengen States and Europe’s external borders, the objectives being:

– Arrest “illegal” immigrants and gather information in view of investigation
– Identify, hunt and disrupt the organized crime groups
– Consolidate joint actions to prevent “illegal” migration
– Look at the routes used by migrants and migration networks.
– Collect and analyze the information related to secondary movements also

Controls at airports, train stations, ports, borders and other strategic places (train, bus, metro, tram?) will be strengthened without a doubt. So be careful.

Download the multilingual travel warning flyer, print it, distribute it.

First, let’s look at the racist and even fascist overtones of the name Mare Maiorum:

The ‘moss majorum’ (or ‘moss maiorum’) means “old ways” or “ancestral customs” and in ancient Rome, lifestyle and the system of ancestral values​​. It is often taken as a reference, and contrasts with the spectacle of decadence of the present world !!!!

The five fundamentals of moss majorum are:

Fides: loyalty, respect for the given word, loyalty, faith; confidence (…)
Pietas: piety, devotion, patriotism, duty
Majestas: to belong to a superior chosen people, majesty
Virtus: quality specific to Roman citizenship, courage, political activity
Gravitas: all conduct of the traditional Roman, respect for tradition, seriousness, dignity, authority

What a program! The choice of code name has been a source of his denunciation !!

Widely Forward Please !

Below the official document about this.