To host a fundraiser, to perform on the stage, to hold a workshop, to organize a public discussion, to present your campaign, to screen a film, to host any public event, you’ll need to make yourself visible on Radar

If you’re new to Radar, you’ll start by opening a user account. Collectives, campaigners, bands, performers using Joe’s Garage will need to create their own group on Radar.

Not us but you, will be announcing your event at Joe’s Garage. We just need to agree on a date and time in advance. Drop by or mail us to get your date confirmed.

From your group page on Radar, you’ll be announcing your event at Joe’s Garage. See for example these fundraiser and concert announced by other groups.

Joe’s Garage is one of the very few squatted social centers remaining in Amsterdam, existing since 2005. Squatting being criminalized in the Netherlands, rare are the squatted spaces left to hold public events. We are supporting activists, fellow squatters, bands, performers, anyone who understands the urgency to support each others, to strengthen networks.

In other words, we do appreciate when activists, campaigners, bands, collectives using our space are able to make visible squats and valuable spaces they come through, for instance by mentioning them on their own website, with some link(s), not (only) on corporate platforms such instagram, twitter, facebook, bandcamp, spotify and so on. We have very little interest in building up facebook based communities. If you want to use Joe’s Garage to promote what you call “social media”, you are at the wrong spot. Joe’s Garage is more a laboratory to strive for a different society, to emancipate from what the capitalist world is feeding you.

For activists, campaigners and collectives organizing fundraisers, benefit events, we’re also checking where you’re making yourselves visible, where you are announcing your public events, what’s your interest in providing visibility to squatted spaces like Joe’s Garage.

For bands who don’t make the effort to have a website, Bandcamp isn’t built to list where you have been playing in the past. So rare are the bands with a decent website, listing their past and up coming shows, to a point it became an issue at Joe’s Garage when it comes to strengthen networks, to show venues and communities. Reading where a band played tells us a lot about who you are. It certainly motivates us to invite you here.