Some guide lines to design the monthly poster and flyer. You make the design you want.

The poster archive is online:

The printer wants PDF files, in black and white, one PDF per layer. You label them with the color you have chosen within these:
For the poster, try to limit to 3 colors maximum. The flyer is only one color per side.

The poster is in A3, portrait (easier to hang out)

For the flyer, you set 4 flyers on the same page, formatted in A4, portrait. You keep a margin in between the 4 flyers, it’s easier to cut once printed.

The 2 files for the flyer will look this these:

the poster files will look like these:

the 3 layers together, in color, that’s the final poster:

Joe’s Garage needs the final poster, all files together, in color saved as a JPG file in order to upload it on our website.

Once done with your design, you upload all the PDF files and the JPG file (the final poster) on , not on google share.

About the content of the poster and flyer:

If events are announced on time, then they are listed on Radar:

you list them on poster and flyer with the date, time and event title as they are published on Radar. For films, it’s useful to mention title, director and year.

– Standard text on the poster:

Joe’s Garage
Month + Year

squat logo (at least one)

Pretoriusstraat 43
Follow us & others on

Opening times:
Mo: 19.00 Volkseten Vegazulu
Tu: 20.00 – 21.30 Kraakspreekuur
Th: 19.00 Volkseten Vegazulu
Sa: 14.00 – 18.00 Weggeefwinkel
Su: 20.00 Filmavond

– Standard text on the flyer:

Same as on the poster, plus this text:

Since June 2005, Joe’s Garage is an autonomous squatted political social
center, a meeting place in the Transvaal neighborhood for squatters and
non-squatters, subsidy free, not for profit, self-organized and entirely
run by volunteers. Without your active participation, we are closed. New
faces, new projects are very welcome, bring your ideas, get in touch!

A two sides flyer is needed since the text should not be too small.

On both side of the flyer, you put this: Joe’s Garage, month and year.