The poster archive is online:

Some guide lines to design the monthly poster and flyer. You make the design you want. Please, add a squat sign, at least one somewhere on the poster and flyer. People should know Joe’s is a squat.

The printer needs PDF files, in black and white, one PDF file per layer.

You label them as you want, the best is to mention the color you have chosen within these:

Colors available in January 2024:
black, yellow, blue, red, green, teal, magenta light green, maroon, violet, dark green, purple.
experimental: brown and federal blue

For the poster, try to limit to 3 colors maximum. The flyer is only one color per side.

Please make a poster design in A3, in portrait and not in landscape.

For the flyer, you set 4 flyers on the same page, formatted in A4, portrait. You keep a margin in between the 4 flyers, it’s easier to cut once printed.

The 2 PDF files for the flyer will look like these:









A poster with 3 layers, gold, tail and red:

















A poster with 2 layers, magenta and dark green:









Once you have send all your PDF files to the printer, please always mail one JPG file of the final poster so it can be added to the online archive

Once done with your design, you upload your PDF files and the JPG file (the final poster) on , not on google share, not on weshare.

About the content of the poster and flyer:

If events are announced on time, then they are listed on Radar:

you list them on poster and flyer with the date, time and event title as they are published on Radar. For films, it’s useful to mention title, director and year.

– Standard text on the poster:

Joe’s Garage
Month + Year

squat logo (at least one)

Pretoriusstraat 43
squatted since june 2005
Follow us & others on

Opening times:
Monday: 19:00, Volkseten Vegazulu
Tuesday: 19-20:30, Kraakspreekuur Oost
Wednesday: 18:00 Esperanto Workshop or Proxy Cafe
Thursday: 19:00, Volkseten Vegazulu
Friday: 20:00 Aman molli: Practice of Modal Music
Saturday: 14-18, Give Away Shop
Sunday: 18-20, Radical Sunday School
Sunday: 20:30, Movie night

– Standard text on the flyer:

Same as on the poster, plus this text:

Since June 2005, Joe’s Garage is an autonomous squatted political social center, a meeting place in the Transvaal neighborhood for squatters and non-squatters, subsidy free, not for profit, self-organized and entirely run by volunteers. Without your active participation, we are closed. New faces, new projects are very welcome, bring your ideas, get in touch!

A two sides flyer is nice since the text should not be too small.

On both side of the flyer, please mention this: Joe’s Garage + month + year.