Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Touch of Evil (1958)

20150201_Touch_of_EvilSunday February 1st 2015, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema by Jeffrey Babcock: Touch of Evil (1958). Directed by Orson Welles, 111 minutes. In English with English subtitles. This will be a high-definition screening. Door opens at 8pm, film begins at 9pm. Free admission.

Many consider this movie to be the true masterpiece of Orson Welles’ career. Taken away from him and sliced to ribbons by the studios, the history of this movie has always been a sad tale. In recent years there has been an attempt to reconstruct this gem to its original vision, and the result of these efforts is the version we will be screening.

This is Welles’ riveting film noir, a crime thriller about a creepy and corrupt police chief named Hank Quinlan (played by Wells himself) working on the Mexican border. When a narcotics investigator (Charlton Heston) arrives to investigate a crime, instead of things becoming clearer they only become murkier. The 3 minute opening shot alone is legendary in film history, and after that the film continues to shoot off and plunge the viewer into a wild, mysterious, unknown world. Also starring Zsa Zsa Gabor, Marlene Dietrich and Janet Leigh. The black and white cinematography is piercing, complimented by a haunting musical score by Henry Mancini.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Doors open at 8pm, film begins at 9pm, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net