Seed Bomb Making Workshop and Seed Swap Table

20150413_Seed_Bomb_Making_WorkshopMonday April 13th 2015, Seed Bomb Making Workshop and Seed Swap Table. From 6 till 7pm.

After the successful Green Ass Garden Working Weekend at ADM in March, it is time for some gardening activity in the Transvaalbuurt. With a people’s kitchen running twice a week, Joe’s Garage has quite a big compost waiting for your hands. You know a garden, an empty lot to decorate. We have quite some seeds meant for such a workshop. Maybe you want to plant some invasive flowers, some gigantic pumpkins at your house owner. Seed bombs are the perfect way to plant seeds in locations where you do not necessarily have access, where you do not own the property. Have a break spraying slogans on the walls. The city is full of spaces in need of a new decoration in the ground. Bring your morning glory and sun flower seeds. We provide the clay, the compost and various seeds. For you own garden, lots of seeds will be waiting for you on the Seed Swap table. From 6 till 7pm,  and directly followed by the people’s kitchen.