Reclaim the Seeds benefit/infonight

On Thursday 24th there will be a benefiet voku for the Reclaim the Seeds event. Sunday after, 27th at 8pm there will be an infonight on this topic with film.

During the infonight we will give you more details on the seed exchange and info fair coming spring and how to get involved. We will show the film “A personal story on Seed Saving, made by Bart Van Baardwijk in Pun Pun, an organic farm and seed saving center of selfreliance in Thailand. Afterwards we will talk about the recent developments in the Dutch and international seed market which have lead to monopolisation of seeds and  the decline of bio- and seeddiversity.  European legislation forces farmers to give up their independency  while  on the same time patents are given  to common fruit and vegetable varieties. What does this mean for food sovereignity? And what means food sovereignity to us?
Reclaim the seeds is an initiative of  ASEED Europe. Objective is to interest and involve young people in the source of all our food: seeds. The aim is  to stimulate thinking about seed sovereignty, seed diversity and seed accessability for farmers and (community) gardeners, and at the same time motivate youth to experience how much fun it is to grow your own food with your own seeds.

Reclaim the seeds will organise a weekend of seed activities early spring 2012 in Amsterdam, consisting of a seed exchange fair and info market, practical seeds and gardening workshops, presentations and films on seed diversity and food diversity, national and European seed policies and the role of seed companies.