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19.00 Volkseten Vegazulu, vegan food, no reservations, donations welcome

A SEED is currently busy organising Reclaim the Seeds. A seed exchange fair will be held during the weekend of 10-11 March in Amsterdam. On Saturday there will be a market where seeds will be sold, traded and given away. There will also be information stands from relevant organizations, as well as workshops, discussions and film screenings. On Sunday the focus will shift towards local initiatives and actions focused on increasing food production in the city. In the afternoon we will take to the streets for theater and a demonstration. Practice, discussion and protest will be united during the weekend, all under the motto of “Reclaim the Seeds”.

The goal of the weekend is to preserve diversity in food crops, and to support farmers and organizations working towards this end. Saving, using and trading one’s own seeds is in contradiction to European regulations, which hold that only seeds from crops on a specific list can be traded. The seed exchange is also a protest against the patenting of crops. Multinationals are gobbling up more and more small seed companies, also in the Netherlands.

If you want to help out contact reclaimtheseeds (a)

Later in the year A SEED will also be organising a second agriculture-action camp in the Netherlands. For more info check the website or email actiekamp (a)