Benefit for the political prisoners in Turkey

Monday 20th November 2017, Benefit for the political prisoners in Turkey, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

Dear friends and Comrades : the nowadays law in TURKEY obliging the prisoners to wear an uniform is one of the reactionary offensives of the fascist dictatorship that aims for standardizing the very whole people. It would be a mistake to consider it only as a plan against the prisoners because it is better a new attack of the fascism against the people and all the strengths of the democracy in Turkey and Kurdistan. As well in the society and in prison : the Turkish State rejects the existence of all Opposition to his fascist regime.

That’s why the project of uniform for prisoners is not a dress problem but rather a new stage in the program of standardizing the country and of muzzling it. In Turkey, with the present Government of the AKP (1) the practices of the fascism reach their summit : we protest against the application of this iniquitous Law and we say : STOP ! ALL THIS PROJECT SHALL NOT PASS !

  • During the military Putsch of September 12th in 1980 in Turkey, one first attempt had been made but it will be 3 years later in 1983 when the fascist regime will try again to impose the port of the uniform for the prisoners. This violent attack has been applied during numerous years with the aim of torturing, of destroying the personality and the identity.Finally, the Turkish State had to renounce face to the long run and intense Resistance of the political prisoners realized in the unity, in spite of all the difficulties and through notably hunger strikes and collective actions in jail. Nor the torture suffered in repression because of this invincible Resistance, nor the attempts of humiliations of the Courts legitimating this torture : succeeded make them to bend. Numerous Resistants have eternalized themselves in the course of this exemplary Resistance by snatching their imposed uniforms and by appearing in underwear during their political trial face to Courts of “justice” servant of the fascist regime. These same Courts have voluntarily ignored the return in blood and in underwear of the political prisoners with the torture inflicted as a daily dish supported by their verdicts…
  • At the beginning of the 90’s, among his incessant attacks : the military fascist regime will still try to put this project in the agenda but the increasing extent of the Resistance dissuades him.
  • Today, in september 2017, this project becomes topicality. The fascism gets ready for launching an attack against the liveliest and the most resistant part of the society in Turkey : the political prisoners. The fascist power puts the society under pressure by hunger, poverty, massacres, detentions, arrests and massive exiles. He wants to bring back the whole society to the condition of slave with no voice, practicing the political banishment against Kurd people and Abdullah OCALAN : the representative of his national and democratic fight but also against the Armenian people, the Alevi, the Yezidi and many others…

All the attempts of attacks from the fascist regime in Turkey are a failure : they don’t succeed in their plan. The political prisoners are the most Resistant part of the society and in capacity for sacrificing itself for Freedom. Yet, the fascist Turkish State fears all this would generates waves that spread within the people. That’s why, the prisoners become his first target and once again, he wants to mate them definitively and to succeed in imposing the port of the uniform for prisoners in the way to contain the whole society under narrow control.

As by the past, the present Government of the AKP wants is own revenge against this permanent affront and he wants to weaken the revolutionaries and the Opposition by nazi practices such as political persecutions, massacres, systematic torture and uniform for prisoners like those in the Guantanamo’s Camp but the Resistance is going to be enormous !

Every time that the fascist Turkish State will try to shut up the sound of their voice, we will always shout with a stronger voice, we will be their voices.

We have already shouted and we still shout :
We have refused to wear the uniform for prisoners and we never will !
The oppression and the threats will not intimidate us, we will be victorious !
Long live for the Revolutionary solidarity! Long live for the International solidarity!

Paris, September 2nd 2017. Platform of fight against the uniform for prisoners in Turkey

  1. (1) AKP. (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi-Party of Justice and Development). It’s one of the Turkish fascists partys. The AKP is in the government of the Turkish State, and since the last elections he cheated the votes against the victorious HDP (Democratic Party of the Peoples) which obtained an overwhelming majority against the AKP’s fascism regime.

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