Aman molli, workshop of Modal music

Friday May 4th 2018, Aman molli, workshop of Modal music. Meeting times: Friday: 6:00pm

This is an open collective workshop for modal music, broadly defined as music following melodic pathways that are outside the two standardized Western scales and associated harmonies.

Instruments and Music Styles

Any kind of acoustic instrument (Strings, percussions, wind, voice). Many of the instruments used today (guitar, bouzouki etc.) have even-tempered tuning so the maqams/dromoi are not the traditional Arabic/Turkish/Persian microtonal versions but the westernized adaptations. One of the objectives is to explore the differences. In the same spirit, we add harmonic structure (in guitars or baglama chords etc) where possible. On the rhythm side we explore the various characteristic rhythms of these regions/musical tradition (9/8 etc.). Example genres:

Greek “rembetiko”
Greek/Balkan folk music, Sephardic music
Other east – Mediterranean music traditions


The nature of the workshop is to share knowledge with each other about music, improve our skills on our instruments and of course, to have fun playing music together.

Beginners section (~1hr). For those new to music or new to an instrument. Yet focus is on modal music. Practice sessions – not for those advanced in music / music playing skills (unless they want to drop by to share tips and tricks).

Repertoire section (~1 hr). Building up a common repertoire of songs/arrangements. Structured around the popular maqams, with 5-6 examples per maqam covering different regions/rhythms. The list is maintained in the drive. Objective is that each song in the repertoire matures into a complete arrangement

Jam section. Open for “requests”, explorations etc.

Free / donation for the Joe’s garage.

Meeting times: Friday: 6:00pm