Esperanto course #2 – Zamenhof Day

Esperanto course #2 – Zamenhof Day, 15 December 2021, from 18:00 to 21:30

Esperanto was invented in 1887 by a Polish ophthalmologist named L.L. Zamenhof, who hoped his creation would help to bridge differences which stem from language barriers. Zamenhof saw a turbulent world divided by language, and he believed that the languages people already spoke were over saturated with history, politics, and power, making it impossible to communicate clearly. Esperanto was a fresh start, a technology that would allow its speakers to sidestep the difficulties of natural languages altogether.

He made it as easy to learn as possible, with no irregular verbs, a vocabulary adapted from Romance language roots, and a simple, genderless, almost caseless grammar.

Come and learn the basics of Esperanto and experience for yourself how easy it is to learn!

There´ll also be some proficient Esperanto speakers (esperantistoj) present at the event so you´ll have a chance to hear what a conversation in Esperanto actually sounds like!

Zamenhof Day

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