Fundraiser for Lesvos Mutual Aid Network, music with Your Local Pirates

Thursday 26 May 2022, Fundraiser for Lesvos Mutual Aid Network, music with Your Local Pirates. Food served from 7pm, no reservation. From 9pm, music on the Steve Bikoplein.

Volkseten Vegazulu is back on Thursdays. After the food, around 9pm, music with Your Local Pirates on the Steve Bikoplein. Time to reclaim the square, as the previous years. If the weather is bad, the concert will happen inside at Joe’s Garage.

Your Local Pirates is made up by Joke Kaviaar and Peter Storm, “a couple of singing rebels. We will release our new CD ‘Take No Orders’ this spring. This performance is part of the presentation tour. The songs we make are intended as weapons, not just as creative expressions in themselves. Looking forward to see you all!”

About Lesvos Mutual Aid Network, the network without a website but corporate facebook and instagram… “We are a network of comrades and friends active on the Greek island of Lesvos, with ties to collectives and movements that span the globe. We work to build relationships with people on the island, abolishing dominant norms/hierarchies and the socially constructed boundaries between our communities.
As a part of the broader anti-authoritarian movement, we condemn any and all fascist, sexist and racist behavior. We function through our assemblies, where we discuss topics, collectively take decisions and plan actions. We created an environment based on mutual respect where everyone can take part in equal terms, each according to their ability, each according to their needs. Our actions can vary depending on the needs we encounter and the dynamics of the group. We cooperate only with other self-organized structures, like “Women in Solidarity House”, “No Border Kitchen”, “Binio Squat” and other individuals that are active on the ground.
We as anarchists believe in solidarity that comes from the base and stand side by side with people in need, regardless of whether they come from another country, their age, class, ability, gender, the color of their skin or their sexuality. Here on Lesvos, we participate in multiple initiatives on the ground, all grounded in principles of antiracism, anti-authoritarianism, self-organization and mutual aid, each tackling different aspects of this common struggle.”

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchens existing since the very beginning of Joe’s Garage, June 2005. Your donations are welcome. Food is vegan, no reservation. All benefits go to social & political struggles. Joe’s Garage is a space run by volunteers. Without a collective effort, without your active participation, we’re remaining closed. Get in touch in you feel like giving a hand. We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. If you want to know which days are still available, mail us.