Language Cafe – Taal Cafe

New weekly event starting in april 2023, every sunday from 4 till 6pm, Language Cafe. First edition on sunday 2nd april 2023.

This language cafe is all about language exchanging and learning through socializing!

Come hang out with us where we help each other improve our skills and meet new people. We’re open to all languages and levels, whether you aim to practice Dutch, English, Arabic, German, or any other language!
Click on the link below to indicate the language you desire to learn or practice and which one you would like to teach!

This week’s session will serve as an introduction to see everyone’s preferences, we will set together to chat over a cup of tea or coffee, and feel free to bring any game or material you would like to use.

From next week we can start matching individuals and groups with similar interests!
Join us every Sunday from 16:00 to 18:00 for some language learning fun.

Every week will include different sorts of activities and games to make language learning an exciting experience!
Attention: This is not a class and there are no teachers so don’t hesitate to jump in whenever you want.