Proxy Cafe, film subtitling and captioning

SUBTITLING AND CAPTIONING WORKSHOP [for tecchies, activists & film-loving wordwranglers]

Wednesday 19/4 (19:00) at Joe’s Garage: overview of all the different free tools that have emerged (and agonized) through the ages, with clues as to which one to use for what purpose. Bring your laptop (+mouse, +headphones, +pendrive) if you want to dive right into it and play around with them after the presentation.

Sunday 23/4 (14:00) at Joe’s Garage: more of the same on Sunday, but with ideas about ‘correct’ language, ‘faithful’ translation, ‘readable’ lines, etc. Why are all these things in scare quotes? Because there are rules about them, of course. Mountains of rules. Impossibly contradictory rules. It’s a tyranny out there, sister.

Wednesday 26/4 (18:00) at Filmhuis Cavia has just added an extra session for projectionists on Wednesday 26, at 18:00, plus a little ‘graduation ceremony’ on the big screen.

Proxy Cafe: free software workshops. Discussing tech and politics, GNU/Linux, fixing computers and revive old laptops, free and opensource software workshops. Zapatista coffee.

The first 30 minutes are for landing in the space, despairing about forgotten chargers or headphones, minimal introductions, and running to the shop for frozen pizza (or byo veggie leftovers).

Proxy Cafe, Amsterdam