Radical Sunday School: How to “teach” like an anarchist

Sunday 19 november 2023, Radical Sunday School: How to “teach” like an anarchist, from 18:00 till 20:00.

None of us grew up in the kinds of liberating, egalitarian classrooms we wish we had. As we run sessions of RSS together, we learn from each other what works and what doesn’t, we question as we walk. Sometimes in the mess of organizing classes, though, we don’t have enough time and space as we’d like to reflect on the process. At this session of Radical Sunday School, we invite everyone interested in radical pedagogy to join us as we look the problem in the eye: how does one do anarchist pedagogy? What’s worked in history? What’s worked in our own practices? What can we do moving forward to make these the kind of classrooms we want?

The formal education system affects us all. Not only are we forced to attend schools growing up, but academic research shapes our governments, our news, and how we view the world around us. As much as many of us want to believe in the promise of institutional education, the sad fact is that our schools and universities are undemocratic and elitist. They perpetuate inequalities instead of giving people the tools to fight them. This world is fucked.

Here at Radical Sunday School, though, we know that another world is possible. Everyone should be able to direct their own learning, to grow together with their communities, and to live as though they’re already free. There are countless examples of movements already putting these ideas into practice. This collective is trying to follow in their footsteps, organizing to explore new ways of learning based on principles of autonomy, mutual aid, and egalitarianism.

This is not intended to be a course that you would have to follow all the way through. Jump in and out whenever you like. Sessions will be held every Sunday, except for every second Sunday of the month (when Joe’s Garage is having an open assembly). If you’d like to get involved at RSS, collaborate with us as a collective, or propose a topic for a meeting, mail us at radicalsundayschool [at] proton [dot] me!