Radical Sunday School Birthday Party

Sunday 14 April 2024, Radical Sunday School BIRTHDAY PARTY: Food, Workshops, Drag, Performances, Live Music! From 13:00 till 22:00.
Radical Sunday School is turning one! Since April 2nd 2023 we have been hosting all types of workshops, discussions, and skillshares almost every week (bit of a stretch) for one year and WE WANT TO CELEBRATE!

Come join us for a whole day programme. Get cosy at Joe’s this Sunday and join four amazing workshops and enjoy dinner while watching a drag show, and smoothly transition to a night full of performances, theatre, and live music to make a day and night you cannot forget. SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen is helping us to serve lunch and dinner, on donation to fill up the funds of the RSS, so we can facilitate even better workshops in the spirit of revolutionairy learning! Thank you to everyone who has been with us and who is curious to see what we do!

Drop in and out whenever – for the workshops, for the shows, for the company. We are so happy to celebrate this year with all of you!


13:00 LUNCH

14:00-16:00 WORKSHOPS

Who came before us? A Short History of Free Schools

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Radical Sunday School, we’d like to take some time to look at the history of a few other libertarian Sunday schools, and how revolutionary ideas about education spread like wildfire across Europe and the US in the 20th century. In particular, we will tell the stories of two very different free schools: one characterized by its many successes, the other by its very successful failure. Both, however, will tell us a lot about how we can keep growing the movement today!

Stitch Yourself Up Workshop

Learn how to sew! Patches, fixes, everything. Personalise your clothing, bring your own materials if you have any, and learn how to make the clothes you wear your own. If you want, you can already use this low-key workshop to prep yourself for the drag workshop!

16:30-18:30 WORKSHOPS

The Art of Drag 101: Discover your Drag Persona

Hey! Have you ever wanted to learn more about drag? Whether you would like to know more about being a drag king, a drag queen, or just a drag creature, this will be the perfect workshop for you. This will be an overall introduction to the art of drag. We will learn how drag started and explore what it means to our own gender expression in daily life. During the workshop, we will make up our own drag personas, discover an aesthetic, and talk about how masculine and feminine features are constructed on the body.

After the workshop the host (Harper Love) will give a drag performance!

How to Counter Alienation in your Neighbourhood

In this workshop, we will host a discussion on neighbourhood alienation. We are going to talk about our experiences in our neighbourhoods, discuss the value of neighbourhoods for social change, and collectively come up with strategies to enliven our neighbourhoods, build local community, and counter alienation, and discuss the challenges we might face. We might even be able to draw from historical examples, such as the Jordaan uprising, and other local history to inspire us.

18:30-19:30 DINNER AND DRAG SHOW!!


19:30 – The Crying Cyborgs, bringing you finest local DIY whateverpunk straight from the year 2030 to try to save the timeline

20:00 – Olga Tsyganova’s Radio Silence, a radio show all about the silences of womanhood and growing up in authoritarian Russia, all with the slickest global soundtrack a radio host can provide

20:45 – Mamma van Jente will gift us with a fantastic accordion and drum jam, really fantastic musicians: Explosive and rhythmically ominous, melodically dangerously danceable!

21:15 – Nora Smells will perform Against Number Magic, a biting piece condeming Germany’s unquestioned support for Israel.

21:30 – Darach will finish the night with a magical mix of traditional Irish folk music, telling stories thousands of years old to tell us truths about this present moment.


The formal education system affects us all. Not only are we forced to attend schools growing up, but academic research shapes our governments, our news, and how we view the world around us. As much as many of us want to believe in the promise of institutional education, the sad fact is that our schools and universities are undemocratic and elitist. They perpetuate inequalities instead of giving people the tools to fight them. This world is fucked.

Here at Radical Sunday School, though, we know that another world is possible. Everyone should be able to direct their own learning, to grow together with their communities, and to live as though they’re already free. There are countless examples of movements already putting these ideas into practice. This collective is trying to follow in their footsteps, organizing to explore new ways of learning based on principles of autonomy, mutual aid, and egalitarianism.

This is not intended to be a course that you would have to follow all the way through. Jump in and out whenever you like. Sessions will be held every Sunday.

Radical Sunday School
radicalsundayschool [at] riseup [dot] net