Voku by Neuroqueer Group Amsterdam

Monday July 1st, 2024, Voku by Neuroqueer Group Amsterdam. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Monday 1st of July the new Neuroqueer group will host their second VOKU at Joes Garage. Food is vegan as always. There will be a dinner table for people who want to talk about getting involved in the new Neuroqueer group together, but everyone is welcome to join for dinner of course! Besides neuroqueers we also welcome other crips specifically to join us for dinner. Bring cash, see you there from 19:00 on. Want to contact us about the new group? Have accessibility requests/questions? Email us at neuroqueergroupamsterdam [at] disroot [dot] org
NeuroQueer Group Amsterdam https://radar.squat.net/en/amsterdam/neuroqueer-group-amsterdam

Accessibility: The space is on the groundfloor and has an inside room plus a garden. People smoke in the garden but not inside. Even though there is a ramp it’s hardly wheelchair accessible (the toilet and garden are not accessible with a wheelchair and the ramp is very steep). There is a couch inside, there are different types of chairs and pillows to sit on available. It can get quite busy at the VOKU, there might be music on but this can be turned down/off on request if it is overstimulating or because of other reasons.

Volkseten Vegazulu is a people’s kitchens existing since the very beginning of Joe’s Garage, June 2005. Your donations are welcome. Food is vegan, no reservation. All benefits go to social & political struggles. Joe’s Garage is a space run by volunteers. Without a collective effort, without your active participation, we’re remaining closed. Get in touch in you feel like giving a hand. We’re always looking for cooks. Any help is welcome in the kitchen. Experience not required. If you want to know which days are still available, mail us.