Aseed Infoavond

Zo./Su. 19 feb. 2012, Aseed Infoavond, 8pm Resistance is fertile

Learn more about ASEED’s agriculture and food activism for 2012.
– Toxic soy petition handover to Albert Heijn on Feb 9: video of the action. We’ll bring stickers and posters for you to spread yourself
– Reclaim the seeds: seed exchange weekend needs volunteers on 10 & 11 March. We’ll get more concrete on what needs to be done
– Second Agriculture Action camp, July 2012: update of preparations and plans
– GMO action campaign: chemogiant BASF announced to stop with the introduction of their genetically modified crops in Europe as a consequence of too much resistance. Victory! Now the rest of the genetech giants have to go too. We’ll tell you more about our plans for 2012 and beyond to make that happen and hope you’ll be part of them.