February 2012 Joe’s Garage program

A squatted social center run by volunteers, D.I.Y., without subsidies, active with the neighborhood, open 6 days a week, since years… We still need your active participation. Time to join or to drop us a line. Lots of choice this month to participate, benefiets for X-Y, Calafou, Free Radio and Media, Soweto, ‘Reclaim The Seeds’ garden action, two info nights with All Included and Aseed, two film nights with Hans-Joachim Klein (My Life as a Terrorist) and Carlos the Jackal. And a day cafe, a give away shop, a kraakspreekuur…

Thursday 2nd, 19pm, X-Y Solidarity Benefiet voku.
X-Y Solidarity Fund is supporting groups and organisations all over the world for almost 40 years. In a position to maintain a critical and independent course, X-Y is totally independent from any government funding, free to make its own choices. [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2019]

Sunday 5th,  20pm, All Included Infonight.
Film Afrique Europe Interact: for freedom of movement and global right of settlement [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2029]

Monday 6th, 19pm, Calafou Benefiet voku
Creating a post-capitalist industrial eco-village to produce grassroots technology for transition in Catalonia [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/1978]

Sunday 12th, 20pm, Filmnight. Hans-Joachim Klein: My Life as a Terrorist (Alexander Oey, 2005, D, 70′) film starts at 20:15pm, english subtitles. Where did Assayas get inspiration to make a film like ‘Carlos’? In this very documentary about Hans-Joachim Klein. A good introduction film before Carlos the Jackal in two weeks. [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2033]

Monday 13th, 19pm, Free Radio and Media Benefiet.

Sunday 19th, 20pm, A SEED infonight
Resistance is fertile. Learn more about A SEED’s agriculture and food activism [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2083]

Monday 20th, 19pm, SOWETO Benefiet Voku
Creating solidaristic forms of collective social housing [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2051]

Sunday 26th, 19pm, Food & Filmnight, Carlos (Olivier Assayas, 2010, fr, 185′) Only one man could hijack the world, hunted by governments, adored by women, an idol for terrorists. Until he went too far.. Long film, doors open exceptionally at 19pm, film starts at 19:15. English subtitles. There will be soup and bread served during this long evening. [https://joesgarage.nl/archives/2042]

Monday 27th, 19pm , Benefiet for ‘Reclaim The Seeds’ garden action at the Valreep, Volkseten Vegazulu.