Infoavond ‘The Autonomous Life’ in Joes Garage

The Autonomous Life: The Autonomous LifeOn Sunday 23rd of january 2011, one of the many social scientists roaming our activist lairs, will do what most of them failed to do so far: present their work to the very community it is about. Joes Garage is proud to be the stage, once again to what the squatters group of the east is best at for years: something that might give you insights and headaches at the same time, totally depending of your intellectual capabilities (and the level of intoxication as a result of our refreshment policies)

The Autonomous Life: The Autonomous LifeThe Autonomous Life: The Autonomous Life

The amsterdam squatters movement deserves a view on its internal structures and (informal) history, that goes beyond the endless recital of great exploits or failures, and the attached historicizing references. ‘The Autonomous Life?’ examines the conscient and unconscient social relations of squatters towards each other on a personal and political level as well as how ideals and practices reflect , refract and eventually transcend their cultural and socioeconomic position in society as a whole.

This event is meant as a first hand presentation by the author foremost to the community of squatters whose lives, motivations, and struggles are portrayed in the work and explicitely as an invitation to react, reflect, and debate its psychological and sociopolitical implications.

The presentation starts 17.00, door will be open from 16.30 onwards