Kitchenpunx Benefit Voku, Dresden Nazifrei!

17 Jan. 2011, Info evening & Mobilization against the biggest Nazi march in Dresden (Feb 2011). The Nazi movement has announced numerous events for 2011 to mark the anniversary of the 1945 allied air attacks on Dresden. For many years they have been trying to exploit the bombing of Dresden for their own purposes by linking their agenda with existing myths and the culture of remembrance.

In 2010, a broad range a groups succeeded for the first time in stopping Europe’s biggest Nazi protest by crowd blocking. In 2011 we will collectively block the Nazi march – colorfully, noisy, creatively and determined. No fascism, no war – Never again!
“Dresden Nazifrei!”

Vegan Voku (soup, main dish, salad, cakes), Info talk, Mobilization videos and travel infos. Voku 19:00 (no reservation) / Info talk 20:30