Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Cold Water (Olivier Assayas)

Sunday October 14th 2012, Movie night with Cold Water. Screened by guest programmer Jeffrey Babcock,  in high-definition. Door open at 20pm (films start at 21:00pm) L’EAU FROIDE, (Cold Water) 1994. Directed by Olivier Assayas, 92 minutes. In French with English subtitles
An amazing film from Oliver Assayas (Carlos, Irma Vep) about growing up in Europe in the 70s. Strangely enough, it feels that now, after all the large alternative movements have died, and the only culture left seems to be business-culture, that young people today are faced with a similar situation. This film captures perfectly the tone of being young and rebellious, but having nothing in society to connect to.

In the film we follow the lives of two teenagers in an incredibly naturalistic way. This shattering film makes most teenage films seem cheap and fake. This one hits the nail on the head, and that’s rare. Living on the outskirts of Paris, Gilles and Christine are sexual teenagers from unstable homes. The film follows the events of their lives which include shop-lifting, soft drugs, boring classrooms, sex, threats of mental institutions, and the feeling of running away and breaking all of your ties. There is one huge scene towards the end of the film in which a group of teenagers break into an abandoned house in the country, and have a wild, all-night party. This long scene is pure magic… breaking windows, starting a huge bonfire, while playing Roxy Music, Nico, Dylan and Janis Joplin’s anthem “Me and Bobby McGee”. The tone is pitch perfect. Its enough to make you cry. It may not be an easy film in some ways, but its a great one.

And this small gem is absolutely never shown at all, so this will be an extremely rare one-time screening…. so my advice is forget about all of the “sound and fury” blockbusters at the Pathé, and instead choose for this touching, extremely original and poignant piece of life captured on celluloid. Do you want me to say it? OK, I will…..this film is about 1000 times more significant than the last Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”!

One viewer’s response: “Intense. Open. Raw. Cold water wears no mask. And unlike most typical teenage flicks, this film is not sugar-coated, predictable and melodramatic. It’s not so much about being a teenager. More about not being an adult yet. Moved with emotion and impulse it leaves you feeling hot with passion. Overwhelmed by disappointment it leaves you cold when the passion does not get you what you wanted.”

Film night at Joe’s Garage, nice and cozy cinema! Doors open at 20:00, film begins at 21:00, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net